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ACS Australia Migration Skill Assessment Process & Guidelines

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What does ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment mean?

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is an association of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals in Australia. ACS Australia is responsible for 'Migration Skills Assessment' also known as ACS Australia assessment of ICT professionals who want to work and settle down in Australia on the 'Skilled Migration' visa.This assessment conducted by the ACS is known as the ACS skill assessment and it is conducted as per the ACS guidelines Australia. The ACS Australia skill assessment is one that needs to be cleared under every circumstance for anyone who is looking to migrate to Australia. 

ACS Migration Skills Assessment Process & Guidelines

You are only eligible for the ACS Migration Skills Assessment process only if you have educational qualifications and relevant work experience that helps you match the level of professional ICT skills according to the Australian standards.The qualification criteria and details can be found in the ACS guidelines Australia. Skills you have acquired while studying or working should be directly related to the occupation that you have nominated for migration purposes in your visa application. You’ll need to check the description of the ANZSCO code of your chosen occupation area to know more about it.

It means that the ACS migration skills assessment first determines whether your qualification is equivalent to the Australian Quality Framework (AQF) or not and that the ICT content of your course is of professional level or not. It determines whether you are a Major or Minor in ICT (depending on the percentage of course units that are ICT related) or not.

ICT candidates and non-ICT candidates need to apply differently for the ACS Australia Skill Assessment process. ACS Australia skill assessment allows you to hire a migration agent (registered with the ACS for Australia) to file the ICT skills assessment on your behalf to the organisation.

How to apply for ACS Skill Assessment?

If you are interested in migration to Australia under the 'skilled' category, you'll need to follow the ACS guidelines for Australia closely.

You can start with going through your personal visa requirements in detail, check the occupation in the ANZSCO Code Information handbook to which your qualifications and work experience are closely related, and fill the online application form on the official ACS for Australia website accordingly.ACS Australia assessment is a rather methodical process and one needs to be absolutely clear of what they are getting into even before applying for it. 

If you have insufficient ICT content in your tertiary qualification, ACS Skill Assessment guidelines still allow you to apply if you have six years of relevant work experience. In this case, you need to fill the RPL application form. In case you do not have any tertiary qualification, you'll have to submit an RPL report and show that you have eight years of relevant work experience too.

How to make sure that ACS Skill Assessment for my RPL Report is Favourable?

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) report allows the visa applicants to demonstrate that they have the skills that are equivalent to the Australian standards for ICT professionals. This is done by including two Project Reports - each of which contains a detailed description of one of your career episodes where you have used the ICT knowledge that you claim to have in a real-life working scenario.

It is important that the RPL Project Report is your own story - related to the work you have done in the past. It must also be able to demonstrate the range of topics you cover and how thorough is the ICT knowledge that you gained during the episode you choose to narrate.

ACS Australia Assessment is quite strict about any sign of plagiarism or false information in your report. So, make sure that the report you present is ‘decision-ready’ and free of any errors, misleading information or plagiarism.

Why should I hire WriteCDR to prepare my RPL Report?

There are many stages at which you might get stuck while applying for ‘Skilled Migration’ Australian visa as a non-ICT professional. Most of the ACS members of ACS Australia assessment are the  engineers who are looking for specific skills in engineers from across the world – who are interested in migrating to Australia. To see how best you match the required criteria and traits you can go through the ACS skill assessment guidelines, and then apply if you meet all the guidelines. 

An RPL report is the only chance you have to show that you have the skills and knowledge equivalent to what an Australian engineer of the same level might have.

We have engineers from different domains experienced in writing RPL reports that suit the ACS parameters and have a high chance of getting approved in the very first attempt. Our writers are fully aware of the ACS for Australia guidelines, the skill requirements for different occupations, and know what questions to ask you to draw out the information that can be used to write a tailor-made RPL report for you.

Our services are strictly confidential. We understand that Australian Migration Skill Assessment is a crucial step in the process of getting the permanent residency of your dream country – and hence, we offer you premium RPL report samples for you at very affordable prices.

For any query about ACS for Australia Migration Skill Assessment process, contact our experts at info@writecdr.com.

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