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Approved ACS RPL Samples Available Here!

Are you looking for an ACS RPL Project Report sample that you can use as a guide to write your own RPL project report? Then, you have landed at the right page.

What is an RPL Report?

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) assesses the skills of IT professionals who want to migrate to Australia, under the banner of ACS RPL. Mostly, they look for ICT professionals whose qualifications meet the requirements of an equivalent Australian degree. Those who do not meet this educational qualification requirement can still apply for the skill assessment through the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) form.

As you will be able to see in the RPL Sample below, this report includes two project reports – one on which you have worked within three years of your visa application, and another one on which you have worked within five years of your visa application.

Best RPL Project Report Samples

When you are looking for RPL Project Report samples, you need ones that have been approved by the ACS RPL allowing the person who submitted them to be eligible for the Australia Skilled Migration. On our website, you’ll get complete ACS RPL Sample with the two project reports as well as the ‘Key Areas of Knowledge’ section filled up in an appropriate manner.

You may request our RPL Report experts for an RPL assessment sample to get an idea of what exactly the ACS assessors look for in your project report and how they check it. You can also take a look at some of the ACS RPL samples that will give you a better idea

Please note that the samples are just for references. ACS is quite strict about plagiarism – so do not copy-paste these reports in your RPL project report form.

How to write an RPL Project Report?

Writing an RPL project report is not as hard as it seems initially. You have to showcase exactly what you have learnt, how you learnt it, and how you practically used what you learnt to solve a problem. It will also be a good idea to take a look at some RPL report samples, so that you have an idea of how to write it.

First, download the ACS Project Report Form from the official ACS website. Then, read through the 'Key Areas of Knowledge' carefully to get an idea what all things you must mention in your project report. Also, read through the samples given above to get an idea of how you can present your credentials in the best manner. Before you start writing it will always be great if you go through some sample RPL for ACS Australia.

Now, start writing.

Make sure that the project reports you write are 100% unique and original. They should be based on the specifications you have mentioned in your CV and should be totally plagiarism-free.

It will be best if you could choose your projects in such a manner that you can demonstrate skills as mentioned in one of the ANZSCO codes mentioned below:

  • 261111 ICT Business Analysts
  • 261399 Software and Application Programmer
  • 263212 ICT Support Engineer
  • 261112 Systems Analysts
  • 262111 Database Administrator
  • 263213 ICT Systems Test Engineer
  • 261211 Multimedia Specialist
  • 262112 ICT Security Specialist
  • 263299 ICT Support and Test Engineer NEC
  • 261212 Web Developer
  • 262113 Systems Administrator
  • 135111 Chief Information Officer
  • 261311 Analyst Programmer
  • 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer
  • 135112 ICT Project Manager
  • 261312 Developer Programmer
  • 263112 Network Administrator
  • 135199 ICT Managers NEC
  • 261313 Software Engineer
  • 263113 Network Analyst
  • 223211 ICT Trainer
  • 261314 Software Tester
  • 263211 ICT Quality Assurance Engineer
  • 313113 Web Administrator

If you think you do not have adequate language skills to write a good project report, you can hire writers, editors and proofreaders to do the job for you.

How can WriteCDR RPL Report Writers help you?

WriteCDR RPL Report writers’ team has some of the top-class engineers on its panel with sound technical skills as well as impeccable writing skills. They have helped so many candidates in drafting the perfect ACS RPL report that they know almost all the ACS guidelines by heart. They also keep updating themselves on a regular basis and know exactly what the skilled migration assessors are looking for in a particular time period.

We have dedicated writers from different engineering streams and study domains to offer customised services to all IT professionals interested in migrating to Australia. Hence, we are able to offer you premium report writing services at very affordable prices.

We have a consistent track record of getting 99% of our RPL reports approved by the ACS in the very first attempt – making us the most reliable RPL report writing service online.

All the reports that we deliver are unique in approach and include real-life incidents gleaned from our clients. They undergo a stringent quality-checking process where they are checked for plagiarism, grammatical and spelling errors, and domain-related relevance – before they are delivered to the clients.

The best part is that we have a very responsive customer service team. You are welcome to contact us 24X7 with all your queries, doubts and feedbacks.

Contact WriteCDR experts at info@writecdr.com to get a RPL Sample Australia that relates to your particular needs.

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