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RPL Assessment For Australia Immigration

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A Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is one of the most important steps of your Australian Skilled Migration Visa process. Candidates who do not possess an ICT major or minor at the tertiary qualification level according to the Australian standards, have to submit a report where they try to demonstrate that they do have the skills and knowledge required for their chosen occupation. This is called the RPL Australia Report.

The RPL(recognition of prior learning) assessment process is actually a part of the ACS Australia Migration Skill Assessment process – meant for the professionals who do not meet the ICT requirements as specified by the ACS guidelines. The ACS or the Australian Computer Society is a professional association of ICT professionals in Australia with about 22,000 members that is responsible for assessing the ICT skills of visa applicants and determining whether they are eligible for ‘skilled migration’ visa to their country or not.

What is the purpose of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Assessment?

The RPL Australia assessment provides an opportunity to non-ICT professionals that they are capable enough to match their Australian peers in skills and knowledge. There is a section called ‘Key Areas of Knowledge’ in the Recognition of Prior Learning RPL form where the candidates can include all the ICT skills they have acquired over the years and then, write two project reports in which they demonstrate how and when they used their acquired skills to solve real problems in a work environment.

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) form has well-defined areas to help you correlate various points in your career episodes (or project reports) with the skills ACS assessors are looking for.

How can we help in your RPL Skills Assessment?

WriteCDR RPL Australia report writing experts are all engineers with impeccable language skills and thorough knowledge of their domains. They are well-versed with the RPL skills assessment process and the parameters by which the ACS assessors judge the RPL reports of potential candidates. They also have years of experience of writing the perfect RPL Australia immigration authorities are looking for.

Over the years, we have developed centralised resources and advanced tools and processes to make sure that all the reports we deliver are unique and error-free.

Since our writers’ team includes engineers from all disciplines (Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Aerospace Engineers etc.), they are able to prompt you about times when you might have gained the experience relevant to your chosen occupation – and help you write an RPL skills assessment report that showcases your skills at their best.

Our team of editors and proofreaders ensure that all the RPL reports are of top quality and get approved by the ACS and the RPL Australia immigration easily.

Why Choose WriteCDR?

Whether you are applying for RPL Australia immigration assessment under the category in which your tertiary qualification is not ICT compliant or the category in which you do not hold a tertiary qualification, WriteCDR experts have the experience of drafting perfect RPL reports for your case.

We make sure that the project reports we write for you highlights your contribution to the design and implementation of various processes of the project (relevant to the skills you want to highlight), different techniques you used during the project (for database and file designing and management, project management, quality assurance, and design and system analysis), managerial roles you handled during the project, and the programming languages and design processes you personally used.

In short, we take care of all the details to make your RPL skills assessment report foolproof.

We also offer best-quality RPL report samples at the most competitive prices. While we do have a track record of 99% approval rate by the ACS, we offer unlimited revisions to our clients for free.

You can contact us 24 X 7 to discuss your RPL skills assessment report with us and hire the best brains to work for you.

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