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Which Countries Accepts IELTS General For Job?

All those people who ever imagined of going overseas may have encountered the term IELTS exams. Now, IELTS, which is otherwise also known as the International English Language Testing System is a test that has been made compulsory since the year 1989. It was in this year when this particular ACS skill assessment technique was established.

There may be quite a few of you who may have gone through the drill of sitting for IELTS exams, however, most of you would be unaware of the different types of IELTS that are conducted, and which one should be taken when? To shed more light on this aspect let’s take a closer look at the IELTS on the whole.

Which IELTS exam is right for me?

There is a common misunderstanding that the IELTS exams are required to be given only by students who want to apply to international universities and colleges. In fact, when one hears the term exams, it commonly leads up to an understanding that it is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled by students alone. This common mistake occurs when there is no proper information about the types of IELTS exams and what it means. So, without any further delay let us look at the different types of IELTS exams that exist.


The first category most commonly found in the IELTS exams is of the academic category. It is important to understand when a person needs to take that exam. In the case of the academic IELTS tests, it is important to know that those students who need to seek admission in universities and colleges that are in places like Australia, New Zealand, the USA and other English speaking countries, need to take the IELTS academic exams.


The IELTS General exam is for all those people who are looking to migrate to a English speaking country for the purpose of a job. In the case of both these exams, it is very important to know which one is required to be taken when in the case of ACS skill assessment and the Australia visa points calculator method.

What does the IELTS General do?

Under the banner of the IELTS General tests, a person who wishes to migrate overseas for a job and occupational purpose needs to take this exam. What this exam does is as follows:

  • Checks English proficiency in a practical and everyday context.

When do you require to take the IELTS General exams?

Make very sure that you know the purpose of your visits to English speaking countries like Australia and New Zealand, because based on that kind of IELTS test that you will have to give will also vary. If you are applying to take the IELTS General test this is what you have in mind:

  • Migrate to Australia, New Zealand or other English speaking countries
  • To get another job in your own country
  • To study or train for below degree level
  • Work full time in an English speaking country.

Which countries accept IELTS General for Job openings?

To answer the most important question that can help you understand which countries accept the IELTS General test results so as to employ them in an English speaking country, here is the straightforward answer.
Most Commonwealth countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK are the countries that accept IELTS general to give jobs to international candidates.

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